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Über uns

The Nuvolone mill was founded in 1945, immediately after the war, at the initiative of Domenico Nuvolone, former telegraphist on commercial ships.

Having also worked at well-known hotels of Genoa and Milan made him know and become friend with very important person of the time, and especially people who were and are connoisseurs that like the highest quality products.


His passion for agriculture, and especially for the cultivation of olive trees of Taggiasca olive, led to invest his earnings to buy the mill already existing, then became Frantoio Nuvolone.

Handed down activities to my grandfather, Nuvolone Peter, and by maintaining a high product quality, it has meant that the same people, divulge and describ organoleptic characteristics of this extra virgin olive oil of Nuvolone, gaining new customer  with a taste aimed at a higher quality.

In 1991 with the death of my grandfather I was handed the burden and pleasure to continue the activities with my family, always maintaining high quality or even improving it thanks to the progress of extraction technologies.

My name is Arnaldi Cristiano, but as befits in good families, I preferred to leave the company name as it was born, because the teachings of his grandfather and uncle did not go lost.
Via Lungo Argentina, 121 - 18018 Taggia (IMPERIA) - LIGURIA

Oil mill and olive oil in Taggia
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